Flexitank – Flexibag

A wonderful bulk liquid transporting solution!

Like drums, IBC or ISO Tank, Flexitank with capacity from 17,000 up to 24,000 liters of bulk non-hazardous liquid minimizes the risk of contamination.

Flexitank is cost saving, safe and convenient solution for business.

ASACO is the exclusive distributor of MY Flexitank Industries Sdn. Bhd. (www.myflexitank.com) one of the leading & pioneer Flexitank manufacturer – in Vietnam.

The MYF Composite Bolted Design Flexitank™ converts a standard 20-foot sea container into a 24-ton bulk liquid transportation system. This food and pharmaceutical grade flexitank is suitable for the carriage of most types of non-hazardous liquids.

MYF Composite Design Flexitank is constructed of two independent food-grade 3-ply co-extruded PE tubes and a rugged, abrasion resistant outer woven PP jacket. It is capable of shipping up to 24,000 liters of bulk liquid.

US Patent 5,884,814 and other international patents

Patented reheating system enables the carriage of temperature sensitive products that require reheating to be discharged.

Reheat system is designed to provide discharge temperature within 48 hrs.

The reheat system is reusable.

MYF THERMOLINER is designed to be used in 20 and 40 foot ocean containers which provides an environment at which temperature changes are kept to a minimum, allowing your products/cargos to arrive at their destination in the condition that they were packed.

MYF THERMOLINER which is made of double sided Alu-foil woven fabric (5-layered aluminium foil laminated) with radiant barrier, controls internal & external temperature, moisture and odor for sensitive cargo.

General Applications

  •     Wine in bottles and cartons
  •     Beer & spirits
  •     Food stuff
  •     Dairy products
  •     Tobacco
  •     Chocolate
  •     Naphthalene (as odor barrier)

Main features:

  •     Reduces temperature fluctuations during overseas transport. Thermal fluctuations may affect product quality factors such as PH, BRIX grade, alcoholic graduation, stability, color, flavor and appearance.
  •     Reduces more than 90% of the heat transferred from the container to the goods.
  •     Converts a standard container into a food stuff class container.
  •     Eliminates water condensation and prevents product packaging spillage.
  •     Reflects radiant heat produced by container walls, ceiling and floor.
  •     Easy installation.
  •     Guaranteed maximum container loading capacity.